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What is NVDA Soundpack Manager?

The NVDA Soundpack Manager is a utility that I made to manage and replace the soundpacks used by NVDA.

a little note about this utility

do to the way this script works, it does not work on portable versions of NVDA. Further more, do to the fact that NVDA stores its sound files in the program files or program files (x86) folder, you will have to launch this program as admin.

How Does It Work?

Upon launching the script, you are presented with a list of available soundpacks. To add your own soundpacks, make a directory in the soundpacks folder. This program automaticly comes bundled with some soundpacks

downloading soundpacks

click on download soundpacks. press tab to find the soundpacks list, and press download. The soundpack you have focused in the list will be downloaded and extracted. If you want your soundpack in the downloads list, click on the upload link below. Note that your zip file that you upload can not contain spaces in its name. Editionally, make sure that the zip file you upload does not contain a folder, only the files should be inside the root of the zip file

here is the uploader


Download NVDA Soundpack Manager here