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What is this?

Retrolizer is a project that aims to archive the old Vocalizer TTS voices. We plan to archive Vocalizer 1.X, Vocalizer 2.X, as well as Vocalizer for Automotive and any Siri voices that were compatible with said versions of Vocalizer. This project began because I wanted to find the older voice of Vocalizer Tom, as I remember him sounding much better than what is currently available. With the help of the community, we gathered a ton of Vocalizer resources and information to make this happen. This project wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the awesome community!

Are you the one behind this?

No, I am not responsible for this project. This project is being run by Juan Reina, who is also the creator of the chiptune archive, which is also on this website. The only thing I am responsible for is hosting the torrent files. Oh yeah, that is a whole other part we will have to get to.

Why torrents of all things?

Because I do not want to get sued. Seriously, all jokes aside, the reason we are using torrents is because torrent files are particularly smaller than the original files. While the archive is about 90 GB in size, the torrent file is only a couple of KB. The reason for this is because it needs to get the data from those people who seed the torrent. It's not getting the data from this web server. If you do not know how torrents work, look it up. I am not going to explain it here.

Now, where can I get this torrent file you're talking about?

Right under this paragraph! A link to the torrent file will be provided, as well as information about what the torrent file contains.

Vocalizer Automotive

information about Vocalizer Automotive

[Gotten from wikipedia:] [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuance_Communications] The company that would become Nuance was incorporated in 1992 as Visioneer. In 1999, Visioneer acquired ScanSoft, Inc. (SSFT), and the combined company became known as ScanSoft. In September 2005, ScanSoft Inc. acquired and merged with Nuance Communications, a natural language spinoff from SRI International. The resulting company adopted the Nuance name. During the prior decade, the two companies competed in the commercial large-scale speech application business. Vocalizer for Automotive was the first version of Vocalizer that was made after the folding of ScanSoft company, and it incorperates most of those voices into Automotive. This is by far the best version of Vocalizer, although it has an issue with some Chinese voices. This version of vocalizer is used along with nuance talks back in the mid 2000s. Their voices could also be found on various satnav units as well as certain cars back then too. Probably where the hole automotive gimick came from. This version is called Vocalizer5.5 or Vocalizer direct from some distributers of Vocalizer voices and accessibility providers. Thanks to Exodus and tmstuff000 for what they've managed to gather from the recollections that they've had.

torrent download

  • download Vocalizer Automotive (size of folder: 24.26 gigabytes)
  • Vocalizer Expressive1.X

    torrent download

  • download Vocalizer Automotive (size of folder: 26 gigabytes)