Welcome to the family, brother!

What is this?

If you know what the Sounds Resource is, then you know that you have to download everything by hand. Well, not anymore! I decided to create this utility so I could just mass download sounds without having to press download on every single link.

So, how do I use this?

Whenever you start the tool, it will present you with a couple of text fields:

A little info on the start and end numbers:

If you go to the first sound you want to download and right-click on the download link and hit "Copy Link Address", you will see something like this on your clipboard: https://www.sounds-resource.com/download/1777

Now, if this is the first number you want to begin downloading from, you type 1777 in the start number box, then do the same for the ending number.

The program will download files from the start number to the ending number.

There is a checkbox labeled "progress bar sounds for downloads". If you want to enable audio and speech feedback for the download progress, check this box.

if you want to change the download directory which the program downloads files to, spesify it in the edit box that is labled folder to store files in, both zip files and extracted files.

Click the "start download" button to begin downloading the sound files within the specified range.

During the download, you can press specific keys to get updates:

Completion Notification:

Once all downloads within the specified range are completed, the tool will notify you by speaking "all your downloads have completed".


Download the tool here